This section provides information on history, archaeology and the geography of current Islamic countries and where muslims have a historical relationship.


  • Islamic countries profiles ( 31 Articles )

    This section provides country profiles on all the muslim countries.

  • Islamic Art ( 2 Articles )

    Islamic Art, designs, architecture, caligraphy...

  • Religious Archaeology ( 23 Articles )

    Provides information on archaeology related to the three main monotheistic religions of the word, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

  • Maps, Charts and Pictures ( 23 Articles )

    Old and new maps of Muslim empire and Muslim countries, statiscal charts and pictures.

  • Latin America ( 18 Articles )

    Archaeological information and other islamic information from Latin America.

  • China ( 8 Articles )

    Muslims in China number in 100s of millions. China contains some of the oldest civilations of the world.

  • Indo-Pak Region ( 3 Articles )

    Archaeological information regarding the Indus valley civilization.

  • Europe ( 2 Articles )

    Archeaology information in the continent of Europe and the surrounding isles.

  • Africa ( 2 Articles )

    Islamic and archaeological information from the continent of Africa.